The feet are your body’s foundation. Much like a house, problems with the foundation can cause problems elsewhere. Often the pain in our backs can be traced back to poor foot ailments. Our physiotherapists are here to assist you with proper alignment so your feet can better support the rest of you.

AlbertaPT Orthotics are used to support and strengthen the muscles and bones in your feet which means less pain for you and better foot health.

Custom Crafted Just for You

The technology used to create custom orthotic uses precise measurements and can be used to create a supportive device in any shape we need. Unlike the inserts you find at the store, these devices are made using your exact measurements and are just for your foot, no one else’s.

Your physiotherapist will run some tests and make some observations of your gait (the way you walk) as well as the shape of your feet. You’ll answer questions about the shoes you normally wear, your activities, and any pain or sensations you have before taking your measurements.

Using an insert or a brace that’s made to fit your foot precisely will give you a much greater benefit than a “one size fits all” approach.

These custom foot orthotics are stabilizers acting like an exoskeleton providing support in all the right places which relieve pressure allowing the foot to relax.

Did you know that a Custom foot orthotic completely resolves pain for about 80% of patients with plantar fasciitis, calcaneal apophysitis, and capsulitis.

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Orthotics & Bracing Treatment Options

Custom Bracing and Orthotics are for patients with chronic conditions and require external stabilization.

Common custom braces and orthotics include:

  • Custom knee Ligament Brace
  • Custom OA Knee Unloader Brace
  • Shoe Inserts for foot pain
  • Foot Orthotics

Specialty custom braces are often completed only by Orthotists. Specialty braces include:

Chronic foot pain
Painful feet due to ill-fitting shoes or wearing improper shoes
Flat feet
Foot imbalances/foot alignment
Excessive foot pronation
Posterior tendonitis
Ligament damage
Biomechanical corrections
Vertebra fracture
Vertebra subluxation
Pre-surgical stabilization
Chronic spine conditions
Hip pain
Arch pain
Ankle injuries
Body pain
Body imbalance
Abnormality in foot function

FAQ about Custom Foot Orthotics and Bracing

Will my custom orthotic be uncomfortable?

Your foot orthoses might be just a little uncomfortable until your feet get used to them which can take around 2-4 weeks. Sometimes your physiotherapist will advise you to ease into them gradually and will let you know when and how long you should wear them. If your orthotics are causing you pain and you feel as if you cannot get used to them, please let us know so we can make any necessary adjustments.

Do I have to wear foot orthotics all the time?

Once you get used to wearing the orthotics, it’s recommended that you use them any time you’re active. It’s also recommended that you don’t stop wearing them abruptly once your feet are used to having them.

How do you measure my feet?

We’ll get measurements and do a gait analysis of your feet while they’re in a neutral position meaning they’re not supporting any weight. Advanced 3D scanning or plaster mold are typically used to measure each part of your foot with the greatest possible precision.

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