What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the treatment of injury or disease through the use of physical techniques to improve function and movement. Physiotherapists work with patients to loosen tight spots and improve muscle performance.

Physiotherapists use many treatments and approaches to fit the patients' needs. Common physiotherapy services include:

  • Exercise (General, Corrective)
  • Manual therapy (Manipulation, Mobilization, Active Release Therapy)
  • Electrotherapy (TENS, Interferential, Muscle Stimulation)
  • Graston, ISTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization)
  • Diathermy: Ultrasound, Radiofrequency
  • Acupuncture: Anatomical, Dry Needling, IMS (intramuscular stimulation)
  • Therapeutic Laser (Class 3b, Class 4)
  • Shockwave, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT)
  • Increasing injury recovery

An Evidence-Based Solution that’s Low-Risk and Non-Invasive

Sometimes we see patients who are already recovering from surgery, but in many cases, we can help you avoid the need for surgery altogether. Surgery can be high-risk and might not work. Prescription pain medications also come with serious risks involved and lose their effectiveness over time. We commonly see patients who have developed a tolerance to their prescriptions.

We’re happy to be able to provide treatment that’s safe and leads to long-term recovery, not just a temporary reduction in pain. Our treatment programs are aimed at assisting your body in healing itself naturally so that you can live better and make your stubborn and chronic pain a thing of the past. Book Today!

Is Physiotherapy for Me?

Physiotherapy can be used to manage many conditions. This includes:
Whiplash / Car Accident Injuries
Mechanical Neck & Back Pain
Problems in the Bones, Joints, Muscles & Ligaments
Loss of Mobility
Work Injuries
Post Orthopedic Surgery Rehabilitation
Your First Visit At Our Calgary Physiotherapy Clinic

Before we begin therapy, we’ll start by creating an individualized treatment plan made just for you. To do this your physiotherapist will perform a comprehensive assessment of your condition and may run some tests to get the entire picture. We’ll ask you some questions about your medical history and some baseline measurements to help us monitor your progress later.

We usually recommend a combination of effective treatment best suited for you as well as instructions to help you improve at home. This includes exercise prescription, massage therapy, acupuncture, accident rehabilitation, innovative rehabilitation techniques, etc. We can help with modifying your daily activities to be less painful and can even give you dietary advice that will further your improvement.

We are highly knowledgeable experts when it comes to the human body, mobility, pain, and injury and have tons of information we’d love to share with you. Learn more about your body and take the first step towards your healthy recovery by booking our effective one-on-one therapy today!

FAQ About Physiotherapy

1. How much does physiotherapy cost?

Physiotherapy fees vary depending on the service provided and the funding source fee guideline. On average, physiotherapy fees per visit range from $60 to $150. Assessments usually cost more than treatments.


2. Do physiotherapy clinics do direct billing to my extended health benefits?

Yes, the clinics with AlbertaPT do direct billing if available.


3. Will Alberta Workers Compensation Board (WCB) cover my physiotherapy services?

Yes, WCB will cover your physio services if your injury is work-related and if all the necessary forms are completed. WCB will not cover you if your employer is a WCB exempt service.


4. Should I see a physiotherapist after a car accident?

Yes, if you are in a car accident you should contact a physiotherapist immediately. They will assist you in your physical health and rehabilitation and provide advice on how to navigate the funding system.


5. Do you feel pain during a physiotherapy treatment session?

It can be. Whether or not physiotherapy is particularly painful really depends on your condition. Our priority will be to make sure you are comfortable throughout the course of your treatment and we will monitor your pain closely. Let us know if the pain is ever unbearable so we can create a better plan for you.


6. Do I need a referral to be seen by a physio?

No. As primary access practitioners, we are able to see you without a referral. In some cases, however, your insurance company may require a doctor’s referral before they will provide coverage.

Experienced Physiotherapists and Exceptional Care at Alberta PT Physiotherapy Calgary

In our clinic, Physiotherapy works wonders for so many people, even those who were told they would never be able to function anything like they used to. Whether you need a little help or a lot, we’ve got you covered. Our dedicated team of experienced physiotherapists are here to provide you with the support and guidance you need with whatever you may be going through. We have helped many patients with exceptional results and the next chance can be yours.

Available now at multiple locations, take the next step towards recovery and alleviating your pain!

Problems in the Bones, Joints, Muscles & Ligaments

Ranchlands Physiotherapy
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Lynnwood Health Physiotherapy

How to Make an Appointment

Seeing a physiotherapist is an easy process. As primary health care providers, patients have direct access to care. You do not need a prescription to see a physiotherapist.

To book an appointment, you can:

1. ask@albertaPT.com

2. Web: Click "Schedule an Appointment"

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