About Us

AlbertaPT specializes in the delivery of physiotherapy care for all types of injuries.  Our team is made up of experienced practitioners with considerable training.  Our goal is to help make your road to recovery as painless as possible. 

Injuries are sometimes unavoidable in day-to-day activities, and patients are often left to figure out their care for themselves.   For this purpose, Alberta PT will help people navigate the health care system and gain access to the appropriate provider.  We will work to get the care you require and make your path to recovery as easy as possible.

AlbertaPT is a collaboration between local physiotherapy providers and physicians in Calgary.  The reason we collaborate with other health professionals is quite simple, we seek opinions to make sure you are receiving the best care possible. 


AlbertaPT has several convenient locations in Calgary, Alberta:

Ranchlands Physiotherapy (NW)

Lynnwood Physiotherapy (SE)

Caleo Health (NW) – Collaborative partner

Interactive Health in Crowfoot (NW) – Collaborative partner


If you sustain an injury and have questions about what we can do, please contact us at ask@albertapt.com or use the Contact tab on our website.