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Live in Northwest Calgary? Looking For a Pair of Custom Orthotics?


A well-fitted pair of custom orthotics can correct structural problems of the feet. Alberta PT evaluates, sizes up, and makes high quality, insurance covered, custom-made orthotics for patients living in Northwest Calgary, and the surrounding areas of Calgary.



Custom orthotics are unique inserts that go discreetly into your footwear to fix alignments of the feet including flat arches and foot and leg pain. Alberta PT customized orthotics are specifically made to fit the unique shape of your feet to ensure comfort, cushioning, and support.

Our most typical types of footwear inserts consist of:

  • Arch supports - developed to support the foot's normal arch.
  • Insoles - made from gel, plastic, or foam and slide inside the footwear to provide additional cushioning and support.
  • Heel liners/heel cups - provide additional cushioning in the heel region.

Custom Orthotics Calgary NW

Non-prescription orthotics are normally a one-size-fits-all item. By the end of the day, store-bought insoles cast a wide net. They are normally manufactured to deal with several feet with many different concerns that function in a wide variety of ways. In short, they're not designed for you. Our customized prescription orthotics are specifically created to the unique structure of your feet. They are designed to match the accurate manner in which you move, supporting, and supporting with each step.

Orthotics are made after our extremely trained therapists have conducted a full evaluation of your feet, ankles, and legs to ensure that the orthotic can accommodate your distinct foot structure and pathology.

The orthotics we offer here at Alberta PT are developed of a semi-rigid product like plastic or graphite and are considered functional orthotics. Functional orthotics are designed to manage foot pain caused by abnormal motion. They can likewise be utilized to deal with injuries such as shin splints or tendonitis.

Alberta PT Northwest Calgary Customized Orthotics

At Alberta PT in Calgary NW, we strive at recognizing your specific needs and desired results while developing an individualized and effective treatment plan with the highest quality care readily available. When we have a firm grasp on the origin of your concerns, we proceed to cast the customized orthotics; from there, we'll make adjustments to further enhance your positioning. By the end of this painless, exact, and shockingly quick process, you'll have orthotics that are entirely customized to your requirements.

What sets Alberta PT apart from other clinics is our dedication to giving you the education you require to make educated decisions concerning your care. No matter what your foot and ankle difficulty may be, at Alberta PT our group will work tirelessly to assist you feel better. What's more, Alberta PT custom-made orthotics are covered under a lot of insurance plans. At Alberta PT, we assist you put your finest foot forward rapidly and cost effectively.

Do not put up with foot discomfort and general dysfunction; purchase custom-made orthotics with Alberta PT and feel better right now. Foot care is very important, do not postpone booking an appointment! Call today!

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