man with neck pain

Crystal was on her way to work one crisp, sunny morning last January.  It was lightly snowing as the sound of her squeaking windshield blades caught her attention.  It was going to be an exciting day!  Crystal was a gym teacher and proud of her volleyball team’s accomplishments.  They were preparing to go to the city championships.

A loud bang, then silence…

All of a sudden someone was knocking on her driver’s side window, wildly shouting to see if she was okay.   Crystal’s ears were still ringing as she struggled to move her arms.  The impact caused injuries to her head, neck, chest and arms.  It’s not clear why, but her hands were driven into the steering wheel with great force resulting in debilitating pain! 

After getting checked out at the hospital, Crystal was faced with the overwhelming stress of the medical and legal processes ahead.  She needed help to navigate the insurance system dealing with forms that were hard to understand, insurance adjusters, doctors, and therapists.

Support – after the accident

Crystal ached all over and needed assistance with pretty much everything!  Routine day-to-day activities were difficult or impossible to carry out.  Everything from putting on her coat to preparing meals became a real chore. 

Not knowing where to turn, Crystal’s family Doctor suggested she go for physiotherapy.  The thought of no longer being alone with the daunting process that now consumed her life nudged her to make the call and book an appointment.

I’m so glad I did because the treatments really helped strengthen me, restore my range of motion and improved healing time.  The support and care I received was amazing not to mention the knowledge and understanding I gained.  They were with me every step of the way!

Navigating the system – made easy

Crystal received the compassion, care and support she needed after struggling by herself with the insurance company, while her injuries worsened.  The care coordinator explained the insurance process, helped complete and submit the forms, and worked on getting the necessary approvals.

The physiotherapist listened to Crystal’s concerns and evaluated her function, pain, and the severity of her injuries.  An appropriate treatment program was put in place and prolotherapy was arranged, to help relieve pain, as Crystal gained strength and mobility.

Crystal is still receiving treatment for her injuries and very hopeful she will be able to resume her volleyball coaching duties one day soon!

Road to Recovery:

Following your Motor Vehicle Accident - Doctor Lawrence Matrick (originally from Winnipeg) … addresses the personal aspects of one's life that have been affected by their injuries - anxieties, sleep disorder, relationships…and describes some of the psychological difficulties that trauma can have on an accident victim.