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Pain Management

What is Pain Management?

Pain Management is a physio-medical evaluation process which assists patients with mechanical pain conditions.

Pain Management consists of an evaluation with a Pain Physiotherapist. The evaluation process will determine if the patient is a candidate for injection therapy. Depending on the findings, the Pain Physiotherapist will instruct the patient on self-care and exercise. When necessary, the Pain Physiotherapist will make a referral to the Pain Clinic or Anesthesiologist. Treatments include:

  • Chronic Pain Physician
  • Medicinal marijuana
  • Psychology
  • CBT
  • Psychiatry
  • Injections

Is Pain Management for Me?

Pain Management is for patients with chronic pain who require more than exercise and oral medications.

Program Criteria

To qualify for the Pain Management program, you must be a resident of Alberta.

Program Cost

The patient cost is $200.

Program Benefit

From the Pain Management program you will receive:

  • Evaluation by a physiotherapist
  • 4 week home program delivered through the eService
  • Home TENS unit
  • Light exercise equipment

A report will be generated and forwarded to the Pain Physician, Family Physician, and other health care providers who will be part of your care.


After completing your physiotherapy pain evaluation, a report will be generated.  Within 5 business days, your report will be sent to the Pain Physician and Family Physician.

From the Report Recommendations, you will receive an email from our Care Coordination eService. The eService will provide you useful information and exercises. If you have questions about the material provided, you should print the material and discuss it with your Family Physician.

If the Pain Physician believes you are an appropriate candidate, you will be contacted by his office. If you do not hear anything from the Pain Physician following the Triage, contact us at    

Locations providing Pain Management

Caleo Physiotherapy

How to Make an Appointment

Access to the Pain Management is simple. To start the process,



1. Do I need a physician referral?


2. Will the Pain Management program alleviate all my pain?

No. The program is designed to provide you with the tools and access to correct health care professionals who can help you manage your pain.

3. What is the average wait time for Chronic Pain Physician consult?

Wait times vary depending on urgency. The average wait time is 3 to 12 months.

4. Is there anything I can do while I wait?

Yes. The eService will provide you with information and resources.

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