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Custom Bracing & Orthotics

Do you need a Custom Brace or Orthotic?

There may come a time when exercise and self-care is not effective at maintaining physical function. A custom brace is a treatment option for patients who have a chronic orthopedic condition and who need extra support for day-to-day activities.  Made out of quality materials, a custom brace or orthotic, is specifically fitted to your body and aids in stabilizing and reducing pain when moving.

If you suffer from a physical problem for greater than 3 months, we recommend you use a brace regularly. In such cases, a custom brace maximizes effectiveness by supporting weak structures.

To learn more, please contact our team and we can help.

Physiotherapist Orthotist Screen

At AlbertaPt, we understand that getting a custom brace or orthotic can seem like a big step or complex procedure. We aim to make it as easy as possible for you.  A Physiotherapist Orthotist screen is designed to provide all treatment options before committing to a custom brace or orthotic. The physiotherapist will complete a scan examination to determine if you meet the clinical criteria.  From there, the Care Coordinator will connect you with various funding sources. For most patient, custom braces are covered by AHS, WCB, MVA, AISH, or private insurance.   

Process for Custom Braces

1. Consult a physician. Follow your doctor’s advice with regards to medications, activity modification and self-care.

2. If your presentation does not improve, consult a general physiotherapist.

3. If after 6 weeks conservative measures fail, follow up with your doctor and determine if further diagnostics are indicated (x-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI).

4. Discuss with your doctor if a custom brace is of benefit for your presentation. If yes, a prescription will be made.

5. Contact our Complete Care Coordinator to schedule your Physiotherapist Orthotist Screen.

6. Our Care Coordinator will schedule your fitting appointment.

Brace Fitting Checklist

  • Physician referral for Custom Brace.
  • Diagnostic imaging report to confirm diagnosis (must confirm physician’s diagnosis).
  • Confirmation from the Care Coordinator for funding (Alberta Health Services, WCB, NIHB, DVA, Private Insurance, MVA). Pre-approval may be required with some plans.
  • Physiotherapist Orthotist Screen by physiotherapist.  NOTE: This is a No Charge Screen with MD referral
  • Valid Alberta Health Care number.

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