Payment Options

If you need physiotherapy, let our team help you navigate the funding systems. Most patients are unaware of their benefit from their insurance plans and other funding sources. Contact our team and we can help.  

Private Insurance

Physiotherapy coverage varies from clinic to clinic and navigating the funding system can be complicating.  As a general rule, most physiotherapy services are private and fees range from $65 to $200 per visit.  Most benefit plans cover physiotherapy and direct billing is now available in most plans. 

Motor Vehicle Insurance

If you were injured in a car accident, physiotherapy is completely covered by the Automobile legislation. Accessing funding does require paperwork to be completed by both the patient and physiotherapist. If you are assessed within 10 days of the car accident, you can qualify for either the WAD 1 or WAD 2 in-protocol programs. For out-protocol programs of care, legislation requires private insurance be accessed first, with the remaining unpaid balance covered by the Automobile Insurance.

Navigating the Automobile Accident Insurance Benefits and dealing with adjusters can be a complicating process. Let our Care Coordinator assist you with the process.  

Worker’s Compensation Board

If you are injured at work, the Worker’s Compensation Board covers physiotherapy services for 6 weeks with a maximum of 21 visits. If all the required paperwork is completed, most acute injury claims are approved. For chronic conditions, pre-approval of services are required prior to treatment. Knowing if you are covered or not can be confusing. If you have any questions, let our staff answer your questions.

Physiotherapist Screen

Physiotherapy Email Screen and Clinical Screen are a No Charge service and do not include a physical examination or treatment.