Meet Us and Learn More About Physiotherapy in Calgary

Choosing the Right Physiotherapist

When it comes to choosing the right physiotherapist there are many things to consider:

Are the location and hours convenient for you?

  • AlbertaPT has several convenient locations in Calgary with ample parking.  In addition to regular office hours, some locations provide evening and weekend appointment times.

Do you connect and have a good fit with your physiotherapist?

  • The team at AlbertaPT is composed of knowledgeable and personable practitioners who will make you feel comfortable during your treatments.  We have a great deal of clinical experience and have your well-being in mind.

Do you feel comfortable and at home in the office?

  • AlbertaPT office and support staff work hard to make physiotherapy visits as easy and convenient as possible.  We put a lot of effort into making you feel comfortable during your treatments.  

The Clinical and Program Development Team

All the senior physiotherapists at AlbertaPT have over 10 years clinical experience and have advanced skills including IMS, Acupuncture, Manipulation, and Diagnostic Imaging. In addition to years of clinical experience, our physiotherapists have the credentials to back up their work.  Our highly trained physiotherapists are results oriented and patient focused. Our team at AlbertaPT wants you to receive excellent clinical care in a professional and friendly setting. 

At AlbertaPT, our physiotherapists do their best to accommodate your needs.  Visit one of the pages below to learn more about our experienced and knowledgeable staff.

* Program development (no clinical hours available).

Team Approach

AlbertaPT is a collaboration between a number of physiotherapy providers and physicians in Calgary.  Its purpose is to help patient navigate the health care system and have access to the appropriate provider.

Physiotherapy Clinic Partners

Collaboration Partners